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Claude Girard

General/Specialized Contractor

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Doors and Windows

Exterior coting


Aluminium coting


Fence installation

Deck installation (Wood, PVC, Aluminium, Fiberglass)

Bricks reparation and lintel


Paving stone and blocks

  • Septic tank installation
  • Concrete Breaking
  • French Drain rebuild
  • Submersible pump installement
  • Foundation membrane installation
  • Injection repairing for foundation
  • Reinforce foundation by plates
  • Pyrite work
  • Foundation
  • Soil dercontamination
  • Piling installation
  • Excavation for parking work
  • Rocks installation
  • Asphalt making
  • Demolition
  • All sort of excavation
Welcome to our website
Since 1994, LCG Enterprises Inc. are distinguished with its customers through the quality of its service, extensive product range of premium quality and integrity.
Renovation to the building through the excavation and landscaping, you will find all the solutions for your projects. The achievement is our business.
Located a few kilometers from Montreal, our company serves both entrepreneurs and individuals in the Montérégie.
Thank you for visiting our site.
  • Bathroom
  • Wood flooring
  • House Extensions
  • Ceramic
  • General Restoration
  • Founded in 1994 by Mr Claude Girard, general entrepreneur specialized in residential and commercial renovation.  LCG Entreprise got in front of the competition by their quality service and expertize with 20 years of experience they offer the quality service and specialize equipment for all renovations.

RBQ.: 8319-0470-36